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Nicolae Jonker

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     Nic's a Romanian Dwarf, born in Romania in 1945, but raised in the United States; his father Augustin Jonker escaped from Romania in the late 1940s and made his way to America with his son. Nic was raised in various cities and mountains, living in abandoned underground networks -- the subway tunnels under Cleveland, Los Angeles and New York, some abandoned mines in the Rockies and the Sierra Nevada, the service tunnels under Chicago, and the old streets under the Seattle waterfront most recently.
     He joined the BPRD in 1989 to find a stable home, and a forge. He can make magical items, spot magical items, and has an uncontrolled power to magically enforce any promise made to him, or that he makes.  

    About 5' tall, very burly, head of a rat. A member of the Romanian Zane, specifically a blajini.

     From his life before the BPRD, he owns a violin (a used high school instrument), metalworking tools, and camping gear. He considers his iron hammer and club to be magic items, but the magic within them is hard to spot.


Current Equipment


     This is all during the "back to Romania" event.


  • rock with hole in it

  • 37mm flare gun with sling

  • 2 flare rounds, 4 stake rounds for flare gun

  • 12 gauge pump shotgun, 6 rds silver slug, 6 rds silver buckshot, 6 rds. garlic salt, 6 rds. mini-stake

  • silver enchanted trench knife (with silver knuckles)

  • mini-maglite flashlight

  • Motorola radio

  • individual first aid kit

  • note pad and pen

  • Zippo lighter

  • china marker

  • "heavy duty" black plastic garbage bag

  • "corrections officer" anti-stab vest with collar, groin and upper arm protection, 6 AP

  • hat

  • 3 flex-cuffs

  • 2 rubber door wedges

  • gloves

  • coil of climbing rope, 20 meters long

  • small plastic squeeze-bottle of holy water

  • four wooden stakes



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