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First Mission: Meet the BPRD.


Our Heroes Are


  • Choopy Cabra, a chupacabra given human-level intelligence by a mad scientist, possibly the evil nazi Dr. Maximillian Wahnhosen.  An experienced BPRD agent.  Played by Clare Ford.
  • Nicolae "Nic" Jonker, a Romanian Dwarf, raised in the United States, living rough on the streets, mostly.  He can forge magical items, spot magical items, and has an uncontrolled power to magically enforce any promise made to him, or that he makes.  He joined the BPRD to find a stable home and a forge.  His head looks like a giant rat's head.  Played by Michael Blum.
  • Gordon, a Canadian military serviceman.  While on maneuvers with his squad in the Great North Woods, he encountered a Wendigo.  During the conflict, Gordon was surprised to find a spirit guide giving him advice on how to kill the Wendigo (shoot it a lot, stab it a lot) and how to keep the curse from transferring to the person who kills it (cut out its icy frozen heart and burn it in a fire).  Gordon is descended from a line of Native shamans, and many spirits are interested enough in him to help him out from time to time.  Played by Hugh Tracy.



Let's Do Lunch


January 2, 1989.

Nicolas and Gordon were welcomed to the San Francisco Presidio, the West Coast main base for the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense.  They met the commanding officer, Col. Rudolph Flint, and were shown a 1950's style "Welcome to the BPRD!" basic orientation film.  While waiting for their intake officer, Choopy dropped by to meet the new guys.


"Are you our intake officer?" asked Gordon.

"Yes, yes I am.  Let's go!" replied Choopy.


Choopy led them on took a tour of the base.  It has three main buildings: Residence and Admin, Research and Labs, and Hospital.  Then he took them to the lunch room, explained why there was a big hole in the floor, covered with a tarp (the base was invaded by time-traveling killer robots).  They also passed by posters in the halls, with Choopy or a raccoon ("His name's Crunch," says Choopy), shooting a 30 caliber machine gun mounted in the back of a jeep, being swung around wildly by the recoil, with a caption, "Hang In There Baby!".  Choopy eventually took them back to the meeting room, where their real intake officer was sweating bullets.  Choopy completed assessment reports on Nic and Gordon, in crayon, complimenting their can-do attitudes and table manners.  Top marks, lads!


Nic was assigned a forge and workshop, and provided with all the tools and raw materials that he wanted.  


Nic and Gordon began to get training in whatever skills they desired, while waiting for a "rather low risk" mission to come along.  That training montage lasted 8 weeks.



The Adventure of the Albino Alligators


February 28, 1989.

Nic, Gordon and Choopy are assigned to investigate eyewitness reports of albino alligators in the Underground of Seattle, Washington.  


"What if they are ghost alligators?" asked Gordon.

"We'd better go to Chinatown, I know what we need," answered Nic.


Nic, Gordon and Choopy went to the back alleys and occult shops of Chinatown.  They bought a lot of ghost charms, hell money, and most importantly fulu and lingfu (the paper talismans seen prominently in Mr. Vampire).


A long drive to Seattle gave them a chance to get more acquainted, familiarize themselves with the RV, and make note of roadside tourist attractions to visit on the way back South.


The team took a tour of the Underground with Bill Speidel's Underground Tours.  They heard about the few tourists who thought they saw the albino alligator, and chose a manhole as a place to start.  



In the early AM, they set up some orange cones, opened the manhole, and descended into the depths.  Gordon meditated, and contacted the spirit of Badger, very knowledgeable about things below the earth.  They soon found traces of blood and signs of a fight.  They followed the trail and found a family of giant white slightly luminous giant slugs.  They were living in the basement lab of a mad scientist.  Two big ones and four small ones, three broken tanks, an operating theater, and a pile of bodies.  The battle was fierce, and by the purest coincidence each time Nic stuck a Lingfu to one of the slugs, it was killed in the very next second.  One of the slugs got a lucky shot and broke Nic's arm.  Choopy leaped from vat-top to vat-top, spraying salt as he went.  Gordon managed to shoot a tranq dart all the way through one of the smaller slugs, slaying it.  Soon, the slugs were destroyed.


Examination of the lab revealed that two of the bodies had extensive surgery, with four arms, four legs, modified hips and shoulders, and extra vertebrae in their necks.  It looks like the same sort of process that Karla Kolchak was rescued from.  Dr. Wahnhosen was here!  They called the BPRD for more people to secure the scene and investigate further.  It seems that the lab's power was shut off for non-payment four weeks previously, after having been paid up three years in advance.  That led the slugs to awaken, break out of their vat, break into the other two, reproduce, eat all the nutrients available in the lab, and break down one of the walls, giving them access to the Underground.  The building was purchased under the name "Kirk Redheart".  


Nic had his arm set in a cast, and got to fly back to San Francisco on a charter jet.  His first flight, luxurious!  Gordon had the joy of driving back with Choopy, stopping at many tourist traps along the way.


Nic and Gordon had 12 weeks of downtime and training, while Nic's arm healed back to full strength.  Choopy had other adventures (we're still in Choopy's backtime).


The Mysterious Mauling at Hotel Tolling

Rescue at Selva Verde Ranch

The Hades Casino

Vegas Continued

Meeting the First Bargainer

Who's Next

I've Got A Little List

The Hammanals! or, On the Road to Mykonos



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